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Last updated: Oct 7, 2020

This page will be updated to provide all COVID-specific information and expectations for PMHA members, including what to do if your player or team are directly affected by COVID.

*** Please refer to this page before contacting PMHA with any questions.  ***


In alignment with Hockey Canada’s Safety Guidelines, the Ontario government’s Guidance for Facilities for Sports and Recreational Fitness Activities During COVID-19, and the OHF Return to Hockey Framework, the PMHA has developed a return-to-hockey program for 2020/2021 specific to our circumstances here in Pelham.

With a focus on the safety of our players and the changing needs of our hockey families, the goal of the program is to provide a framework for getting our game up-and-running in Pelham in a safe and secure environment. Considering the constantly-evolving COVID-19 situation the program may require revisions as we move into the fall and throughout the 2020-21 season.

Learn more about the hockey program for 2020-2021 >


A major part of the return to play program includes health and safety protocols.

You can read our season FAQs to learn what the PMHA is doing to protect players and members. 

Here is a summary of the safety protocols that we ask our members to follow in accordance with Town of Pelham and Public Health requirements:


  • Prior to attending any PMHA-sanctioned event, a screening questionnaire must be competed. This will be conducted by Town of Pelham staff upon arrival at the arena.
  • Per current Town of Pelham policies, only ONE family member is allowed into the arena during games.  The Town will strictly enforce this limit, and asks that you cooperate with their policy and staff. PMHA board members in their official capacity are not counted towards this limit. 
  • If you suspect you’ve come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, please STAY HOME.
  • Masks are mandatory for EVERYONE entering the arena, players are not required to wear a mask on the ice
  • Please be completely dressed and arrive 15 min prior to your skate time, no one will be allowed in earlier than that.
  • Dressing rooms will be open. Please see what rooms are allocated to your time and be sure that no more than 10 skaters are in a room.
  • Please bring your own water bottle with your child's name CLEARLY marked on it and filled with water
  • When your ice time is complete the Town of Pelham requests that you and your child are out of the arena in 15 min.


Here are some common questions about COVID-19 and information on what to in different situations.

What should I do if my child tests positive for COVID-19?
Keep your child home and out of the hockey environment. It is also important to communicate with your physician and public health authority, ensuring you follow the steps identified.

What if my child is sick but does not have COVID-19?
The player should follow up with their physician and the public health line. You can also refer to the COVID-19 Testing Guidelines.

What should I do if my child is exhibiting signs of COVID-19 but has not been tested?
The player should remain out of the hockey environment and contact their physician or public health authority for required steps to be taken. You can also refer to the COVID-19 Testing Guidelines.

What if a parent/family member tests positive for COVID-19? What protocols do we follow?
If a parent or family member tests positive for COVID–19, the player and their family will need to stay out of the hockey environment. They should contact their physician and public health authority for instructions. Per Hockey Canada FAQs, the player will need a note from their physician or public health authority to return to play.
If someone on my child’s team tests positive for COVID-19, will the team be allowed to continue to play hockey?
Public health will advise you on this.   If someone on your child’s team tests positive, public health authority guidelines will determine contact tracing and isolation requirements. It is possible, therefore, that one diagnosis on a team could lead to that team being required to pause hockey activities until the public health authority determines it is safe to return.

What happens if a player exhibits COVID symptoms during a PMHA ice session?
All guests entering the Town of Pelham arena will be screened in an effort to determine if any COVID-19 issues are present. If it appears a player is unwell, a coach or trainer will pull the player aside, and ask some questions in an attempt to determine if the player should continue on the ice.

Will coaches be permitted to be within two metres to help and support the player?
It is recommended that public health authority guidelines are adhered to and that instruction be given practicing physical distancing. Review your public health authority recommendations and requirements on the wearing of masks. It is important to note that the safety person or coach may need to be within two metres of a player if the player suffers an injury, but the safety person or coach should wear a mask and, as recommended in the Hockey Canada Safety Program, non-latex gloves if treating a player for an injury.

What happens if the Region or Ontario reverts stages or if the Meridian Centre is closed?
If the season is canceled or suspended due to COVID-19, PMHA will reimburse the proportion of unused fees for the missed period.

Can I get a refund if my player misses ice time due to self-isolation or diagnosis?
The PMHA board is currently revisiting the refund policy for this year.  If your player misses more than two weeks in a row due to COVID, please contact the PMHA treasurer.

For more information about PMHA's COVID protocols or what to do in your individual situation (outside of what public health advises), please email the PMHA risk manager.


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